At DPS-Promatic we manufacture, in Italy, professional coin-operated people weighing scales since 1985, with thousands of machines in pharmacies, airports and shopping centres. We also manufacture baggage-weighing machines for hotel and airports. Check our products specifications and videos. Contact us.

The Health Corner

Our people weighing scale BWS-XA, together with the A&D TM2567, for which we have designed a special stand, are an ideal match and become an Health corner, useful in many places.

Body-Weight people weighing scales

We manufacture professional machines with different prices and features. All of them designed to be robust and to last many years in operation. Among their features, weight and height measurement, BMI / ideal weight calculation, printer with cutter to avoid any paper jam. Our Body-Weight scales are ideal for pharmacies, shopping centers and screening at medical facilities. Can work free of charge or for a coin or token. Made in Italy by DPS-Promatic srl, over 35 years in the industry.

  • Watch how easy it is to load the paper!

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  • Blood pressure monitor TM2657P

    At DPS-Promatic we have manufactured blood pressure monitors since 1988. At the moment we are not producing any more and we distribute the automatic machine TM2657P made in Japan by A&D, for which we have developed and we manufacture the AtPro stand, that allows an easy ergonomic measurement. Thanks to our experience we can offer the best service.

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